4TW DIY Fightstick Case

$100.00 - $140.00

Veteran fightstick designer Jonyfraze (of BnB / Espada Fightsticks) is back with a new design. 4TW (For The Dub) features a functional symmetrical shape and is crafted from heavy-duty cast acrylic with optional artwork covers. Competition grade, ultra durable, easy to assemble, and fits perfectly in backpacks. 4 the Worthy, 4 the Wise, 4 the Warriors, 4 the W!

*Please note: Only the enclosure is for sale. Joystick, Buttons, PCB, Wiring, and artwork are not included.

• Ultra Durable ¼” (6.35mm) thick Matte Black Cast Acrylic Case
• ⅛” (3mm) Matte Black Acrylic or Optional ⅛” (3mm) Clear Acrylic Artwork Covers
• Black 0.16” (4mm) EVA Foam Bottom Cushions
• Included all assembly and mounting hardware
*All Acrylic Parts are covered with a protective paper backing. Please peel off during assembly.

• 16.25” x 8.75” x 2.25” (412.75mm x 222.25mm x 57.15mm)
• 0.16” (4mm) EVA Foam used for bottom cushion.
• Appox. 6.5lbs (3kg) Fully Assembled

Parts Compatibility:
• Accepts 24mm & 30mm Snap-in & Screw-in Buttons (Side panels require six 24mm Buttons)
• Accepts 24mm Neutrik USB A to B port
• Accepts Japanese levers with flat mounting plates, and Korean Levers with Short Collars.
*If you would prefer a 35.1mm hole on the top cover for Full Collar Korean Lever, please indicate in the order comments.
• Includes mounting holes for Brook and similar spec PCBs.

Click here for the 4TW DIY Build Guide and use the videos above as a reference for your build.

*Please note: Only the enclosure is for sale. Joystick, Buttons, PCB, Wiring, and artwork are not included.

Each 4TW DIY Case is made to order. Average Turn Around is Currently 5-7 Business Days to ship.

Download 4TW Artwork Templates

Need Artwork? Check out the Free 4TW Artwork Packs made by our Discord Community

Shipping via UPS:
+$20 US
+$45 CAN
+$65 UK
*Please request a quote for all other international shipping options
*Local pickup is available from Maywood, NJ. Use promo code: LOCAL to waive shipping.

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