JxK Designs (Original Illustrated Fightstick Artwork)


JxK Designs is a collaboration between custom fightstick builder / graphic designer Jon “Jonyfraze” Bonilla and artist / illustrator Efrain “KleverART” Martinez. Their vision is simple: Create original, one-of-a-kind visuals for your custom gaming projects. Although JxK is rooted in the fighting game community, they are open to all design projects within the gaming and e-sports landscape.

$85 - Flat Rate - Original Illustrated Artwork

JxK Designs will create a one-of-kind artwork for your project. Featuring original illustrations from KleverART and graphic design and layout by Jonyfraze.
*This rate is an introductory offer and is subject to change at any time.

$25 / Hour - Hourly Rate

Have a unique project? Use this option for our hourly design rate. *Please Contact Us for a quote before purchasing time.